Our Team

We are a team of passion-driven entrepreneurs who love to explore new ideas and opportunities, and embrace inevitable challenges and failures along the way for further growth and success. With our skills in business management, technology, marketing, and software development, we are able to build and partner with various types of companies, from start-ups to high end Fortune 500 companies. But after more than 15 years in the business, we realized that it’s about time to bring our team to the next level. This time, it is not just about us creating another venture but rather it’s what we can offer to the world to help and support aspiring entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas to reality.

Our Vision

We believe that we are designed to live for something greater than ourselves. Our greatest success lies beyond what we have achieved but with what we have done to help others succeed. We envision our team to be a provider of the essential tools for building sustainable businesses and to be a part of a growing community of creative individuals working together toward a common goal of doing what we love, sharing what we have, and living a healthy work-life balance.

Our Name

Literally, our HUBB is a hub for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established companies looking for a convenient and well-equipped business support and facility. Implicitly, each of the 4 letters of our name actually stands for a bigger and deeper meaning:

our Help to U through Business-to-Business services and another language it’s Love.

HUBB Coworking is one of the many services that HUBB group offers. Coming your way are our HUBB Labs, HUBB Development, HUBB Ventures and many more.

Our Facility

We have chosen Miami as the launch port for our HUBB group, due to the promising future of Miami as the next Silicon Valley. We want to be one of the architects of the future Silicon Beach!

We are strategically located in the premier business location in south Florida, known as City of Doral. This is a popular headquarter spot of local and multinational corporations in the US and the Live-Work-Learn-and-Play City where numerous business startups emerge.

Just right off Florida Turnpike – without any single traffic light or stop sign – we are centrally located between the greater Miami and Broward county major areas. With less traffic congestion and free parking space in our location, you will definitely get more things done with less stress in your daily commute.

Our offices are on a high level view with one side with an open view of the highway, a canal on its side and a forest behind. On the other side, we have a perfect view of a wide open lake for maximum creativity and the best of the two worlds for fast pace and slow pace thinkers.

But the real beauty lies within our Coworking space, which we are designing with U in mind. Imagine working in a Fortune 500-like workspace, but you are actually working for your own business, and creating your own innovations. We are committed to continually make our HUBB the best and most convenient place to work for you.